A nature traveller’s dream!

The historical and beautiful Partakoski is located in the municipality of Savitaipale, on a narrow isthmus between Lake Saimaa and Lake Kuolimo. Partakoski is the collective name for three rapids: Ahvenkoski, Saunakoski, and Siikakoski. The nearby Kärnäkoski rapids are also part of the village. Today, all of these rapids flow unimpeded from Lake Kuolimo to Lake Saimaa. Their waters flow so clear and clean that the migrating brown trout has recently returned to its old spawning grounds.

Partakoskentie Road, which passes right through the village, has all modern services and many historical destinations along it. In summer Partakoski is popular with travellers, and boaters in particular. The cultural history of the area, including the fortress, the mill, and sawmill, is a strong attraction. The village road includes a shop, a restaurant, a busy boat harbour and related services, and a rare stone-built arched bridge.

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