Lotjasatama harbour and a lean-to

There is a wide walking route from the mill to Lotjasatama harbour and the nearby lean-to. The route was established a hundred years ago when the Kaukas company built a railway and transported timber from Lake Kuolimo to Lake Saimaa. When the water is low, eerie remains of old poles can be seen by the jetty near the shoreline.

There is a jetty by Lotjasatama harbour that is excellently suited to swimming and for boaters. A small path leads up the hill to a lean-to from the shoreline. There is a campfire site at the lean-to, with beautiful views across the crystal-clear lake making this a perfect location for a rest and a snack. On clear nights, the starlight sky is a sight to behold.

A hillside fort behind the lean-to is part of Kärnäkoski fortress and is reachable by a narrow path. In the past, a guard was able to see any passers-by from the fort, which offered an excellent view all the way to Kärnäsalmi Bay towards Lake Kuolimo. A path passes through the fort to the main road.