Fishing associations in Partakoski

The tasks of fishing associations include the organization of fishing in their area, management and supervision of fishing waters, and the enablement of enjoyable fishing and catch experiences for fishers.

Fishing associations or fishing areas can issue restrictions and prohibitions relating to the use of fish traps. Fishers are advised to find out about any restrictions beforehand: the best time to do so is when purchasing the fishing permit.

Fishing permits

Fishing trap tags for 2013-2014 can be purchased at the R-kioski in Savitaipale and from the following sellers:

Koskein participants’ association
Rauno Alatalo, Koskeintie 135, 54800 Savitaipale,
Tel. +358 400 505 212, email:

Kuivanen participants’ association
Seppo Ukkonen, Koulukatu 46 A 5, 53100 Lappeenranta,
Tel. +358 400 550 731, email:

Luotolahti participants’ association
(trap tags can also be purchased at Luotolahti village shop)
Paula Pettinen, Tel. +358 40 543 8658

Ratasalo participants’ association
Tuomo Mäkelä, Partakoskentie 921, Tel. +358 400 257 857
Bring a document with the registration number of the farm (extract from the land register or property tax receipt)