Hunting clubs in Partakoski

Hunting clubs are registered associations for hunting, game management and nature conservation activities, shooting as a hunting sport, and kennel activities. Members of the hunting club have the right to hunt and participate in game management activities in areas, covered by the club’s hunting licence.

There are two hunting clubs in Partakoski: Orrain Metsästysyhdistys ry and Hyrkkälän Erämiehet ry.

Orrain Metsästysyhdistys ry was established in April 1963. In addition to hunting, the club focuses on game management and kennel activities. The club has also held hunting and bird barking trials and dog shows. In the Partakoski area elk is the most important game animal, and so the club has access to excellent elk hunting grounds. The annual party at the close of the hunting season is a real highlight for the entire village.


Orrain Metsästysyhdistys ry
Arto Hjerppe, Chair, tel. +358 50 501 2256
Helena Karhula, Secretary, tel. +358 40 548 0599

Hyrkkälän Erämiehet ry
Arimo Lehtonen, Chair, tel. +358 40 507 0400
Tuija Pesu, Secretary, tel. +358 40 847 6244