Partakoski Village Association

The Partakoski village committee began life in the 1980s and was registered in 2002 as the Partakosken Kyläyhdistys ry (Partakoski Village Association). The aim of the association is to serve as a cooperative body between the residents, summer residents, and the various associations and communities in the Partakoski-Kärnäkoski area in Savitaipale. The association promotes the wellbeing of and cooperation between people who live in the area either year-round or seasonally. In addition to holding various summer events, the Association has restored the historically valuable cultural landscape of the Kärnäkoski Fortress, which was originally built in 1793. The fortress is still maintained by the Association, which also maintains a local mill that was built in the 1890s.

Every July, the village association organizes Vallikirkko church service on the banks of the fortress. The association also maintains a nearby lean-to and Lotjasatama harbour.

Join us! Together we can improve the lives of the villagers and leave our mark on our shared cultural heritage. Let’s make Partakoski an even better place to live, and an even more inviting destination for summer residents!


Rauno Alatalo, Chair, tel. +358 400 505 212

Sirpa Vakkila, Secretary, tel. +358 500 422 240